The “Lost and Found” Jacket

Simone(Szeman) L.
2 min readMay 17, 2021

This is a story about a jacket. It implies me “never give up, life will make it up to you”.

I bought this jacket twice. I was attracted by its look at the first sight. So, I hesitated for a few minutes and grabbed it to the cashier. The price is not cheap, and I saved most income to pay rent. After one day, I returned it to the store I worked at.

I thought I could let it go but this jacket kept appearing in my mind. A few days later, when I went back to the store where I first met, it has gone no matter what sizes. I was a little down after all the various scenes of clothes matching have been in my mind for a long time. I was hoping one day I could meet similar ones.

A few weeks later, when I was sorting out ladies’ clothes, I suddenly discovered it showed up again. It just occurred in the roll bar accidently. Someone must returned it and I met it again!

This time there is no hesitation, and I purchased it when I was off. I knew I would not return it and wait for the occasion to wear it with my dress.

The lost and found jacket implied me that if I want something in the wrong time, I should wait. It will come when I am ready. The thing can be a goal, a man, a job, a life I want. Currently I have to wait until I deserve it.

I have many complains to the current job and I am sure it won’t be my lifelong status. However, I am not ready for the ideal one. But I should believe if something is for me, I can do everything to prepare until the best moment comes.

Everyone has his/her own loses and gains and not each time is lucky enough to get the lost. But I will fight for the thing I want and get it with my best status.

The first joy card from my supervisor since I have worked for 8 months



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