Step by Step, Forward to Office Job

Simone(Szeman) L.
2 min readJan 5, 2021

My original title should be “it is ok not to be ok’’ but I overestimate my will and the job market in Canada. So, let’s hope I am still alive after graduation.

one night after I finished the shift from the store

My 24-year-old housemate shared her father’s text one day cause she met a little trouble in course work. Her sweet Taiwanese father said, “it is ok if you cannot bear the makeup class in Canada. We are always here for you in Taiwan.” I was not moved cause I am also loved by my family especially by my father. But I don’t miss them and my hometown a lot though I have left my home over ten years.

It is my character that never allows me to yield. I may not care many things a lot including family and money except career. I view job/career as my life even more important than it. How do I convince myself that it is ok to do a low job with my double bachelor’s degrees and double master’s degrees. “Low” here means low paid, low capacity, low techniques, and low reputation.

Unfortunately, Canada’s job market seems merely offer “low” jobs to humanity and social science students. It is none of the virus’s business. Since I have no family here and resist to back to Asia, what am I gonna do after graduation?

Go to hell?

Sounds good.

I know I won’t be happy if I do a low job. If your life is for happiness, a low job definitely upsets you! Why you still keep your life? If your life is for career/ambition, that will be worse. A low job has no meaning to build career.

Keeping straight As in academic in Asia is not for a low job; Dumping my family over ten years is not for a low job; Publishing two English books is not for a low job as well.

On the first day when I step on the land of Canada, I already searched volunteer jobs and contacted employers for my future resume. To date I have accumulated four to five office job experiences with payment or without payment. All I did is for an office job.

Without student’s restrictions, without regional limitations, we will see what will happen after I graduate this year with a formal work permit.



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