Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Simone(Szeman) L.
2 min readApr 20, 2020

After a long and consuming waiting, my good fortune seems back.

Within one week, I got four job interviews during the outbreak. A new position of a local chain store was confirmed and I was already informed by the manager that the schedule would come out this week. Moreover, the bursary due to the virus has been approved and would be released soon. However, even if the above things did not happen, I am still accumulating Canadian experience. I have started doing a causal marketing job for a company in Vancouver. Thanks to the social distance, I eventually get the chance to connect Vancouver remotely. Otherwise, I keep complaining all day in Victoria, which in fact has become my habit. Yeah, I am hopeless.

Another valuable thing to share is I found a research job of a think tank in Nepal. It is not only what I like to do but also will be recognized by UVic as a co-op job. This flexible policy of this year means a lot to me. I finally can work on the subjects which I am madly keen on, and the co-op job helps to extend my work permit after graduation. I can have the cake and eat it too.

Also in this week, I will sign the contract of my second book after the editor answers the last question. Thus, my road to academic begins and ends at the same time. As planned, before acquiring the second master’s degree, I will publish two English academic books, five journal papers including one SSCI journal paper, and one book chapter. Then, it is time to leave school and step into workplace.

I suddenly recalled the last question of the interview of a research coordinator job on healthcare in January. The manager asked me, “what would you be after five years?” At that moment, I did not know how to answer that question. When my director and friend Victoria heard that question from me, she replied “none of your business” to the employer. Of course I could not answer like that. But right now, I know how to understand the answer I gave on that day. It was inspired by the dialogues between me and boyfriend last week.

He pacified me on an incident through introducing his step mom’s career. Therefore, I knew all his family were elites. He helped his step mom publish child books in the long term while my parents and grandparents never had chances to go to college. It is so natural to remind my background and past which often anguish me.

After five years, I hope I will become the person who keeps calm and confident no matter what situation she faces with. She won’t be scared because she is strong enough and gets through a lot of things.



Simone(Szeman) L.

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