This is a story about a jacket. It implies me “never give up, life will make it up to you”.

I bought this jacket twice. I was attracted by its look at the first sight. So, I hesitated for a few minutes and grabbed it to the cashier. The price…

My original title should be “it is ok not to be ok’’ but I overestimate my will and the job market in Canada. So, let’s hope I am still alive after graduation.

one night after I finished the shift from the store

My 24-year-old housemate shared her father’s text one day cause she met a little trouble in course work…

My book chapter “A Real Conundrum for ASEAN: How to Cope with America and China?” has been collected by this new book and published by an India’s publisher before Christmas 2020.

Purchase Link:

The publishing has been delayed due to the pandemic and the switch among different publishers. But I am not sure when I can get the hard copy from the publisher cause I am in Vancouver. Editor just gives me a digital version.

Anyway, one more achievement in this tough year.

One night I cried for myself on the ferry between Vancouver and Victoria
One night I cried for myself on the ferry between Vancouver and Victoria

A scene in Japan’s drama “Tokyo Girl” shows what made Aya determine to leave her lover and move closely to downtown. One day, she saw her pilled panties which made her think of her hometown Akita, 600 kilometres from Tokyo. She could not stand such life and moved to Ebisu.

Implications are for those ambitious, goal-oriented, hard-working, and curious risk-takers, like me.

  1. Social distance become a very decent reason to reject the invitation to unwanted activities and avoid somebody you dislike.
  2. The connection to Vancouver is built and working for its companies online becomes much more available. More jobs, more choices. Vancouver is closer while Victoria is abandoned.
  3. The quarantine produces more lonely and needy people, which form opportunities to make reliable friends online. The trip to Vancouver is not only possible but also turns cheaper. Strangers under such situation would become your friend, lover, boss, or neighbor.
  4. Compared with my young and green roommate who plays games everyday without washing dishes at home, my plan Dumping Victoria is being accelerated, as the Central Kingdom is isolated from the rest of the world rapidly.

You Reap What You Sow.

After a long and consuming waiting, my good fortune seems back.

Within one week, I got four job interviews during the outbreak. A new position of a local chain store was confirmed and I was already informed by the manager that the schedule would come out this week. Moreover, the…

This is my imagination of the life without Wuhan and Wuhan Virus.

Sunny days in Victoria during the coronavirus-19

March 25–27 2020 Hawaii, USA

I took my flight to Hawaii from Vancouver on the afternoon of 25 and arrived at the airport at 9 p.m. local time. All I brought were only a back bag and a small suitcase. My mood was…

Simone(Szeman) L.

Cantonese & mental Anglo-Saxon with interdisciplinary and transnational background living in Canada, big fan of South East Asia and Big Data. Live for big city.

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